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Professional Representation

Whether you’re a first time buyer looking to purchase your first yacht, or an existing yacht owner looking to upgrade, you can rely on Grant's wide experience in all facets of yacht operation, management and maintenance to help you find and purchase the right yacht for you.

Grant's genuine desire to serve his clients and see them enjoy yachting ensures he helps them find the boat they want - the one that suits them the best. He does not aim to push someone out of their comfort zone.

Having done ocean crossings and lived aboard all types of yachts up to the 130ft range, Grant has a lot of practical insight from a captain’s point of view.

It will also be an asset to clients that he is familiar with the general expectations of owners on these types of vessels.

Knowledge of the different types of hull designs and their drives and how they handle ocean conditions is a definite factor when choosing a vessel.

The Process

  1. Having access to the prices of recently sold boats on the market as well as an intimate knowledge of market conditions allows us to generate a competitive offer for you.
  2. We will assist you with the process of financing or getting pre-qualified as a buyer.
  3. Whether you are buying a new boat or a pre-owned boat, we will take care of negotiations and the Offer To Purchase agreement, along with all the conditions that need to be met.
  4. Paperwork to do with licensing, registration, taxes and titling.
  5. Grant's experience with many sea trials and surveys will help put things in perspective with regard to pricing and timing negotiations once the survey is completed.
  6. After the purchase: We will help you find dockage, events, itineraries and connections to help with your needs.

And of course, Discover Yachting 365 will be here to help get you on your way with training and advice as you cruise on.

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