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Grant Ninneman provided excellent training for me during the past month and I am completely satisfied with the instructions he provided. I fully recommend Grant for anyone who wants to learn boating basics and advanced training.

Jose Mora
2017 Gran Turismo

Grant is a great teacher. He has a lot of patience and makes learning fun. I had no prior boating experience before I purchased the GT 40. Grant made me feel comfortable operating the boat in a matter of a few hours. He is encouraging, responsible and motivating: perfect skills for a remarkable instructor.

Yefim Nivoro
Owner GT40

Grant goes above and beyond for his clients..and he really cares. He’s also a captain and a prior- service manager who always has time for me if I’m confused about something or need something for my boat. He’s never not replied to a text or email. You should buy your boats from Grant!

Matt Grondin
Owner Beneteau 38

I would recommend Grant Ninneman to teach yacht classes. Grant is very knowledgeable about the sea and different yachts.

Tom Saurey
GT49 Owner

Grant has an easy style to make you feel welcome and comfortable.  That helps when you are learning to pilot a yacht which can be intimidating.  It is also clear he possesses boat systems experience to help someone make a good choice in purchasing a vessel.

John Males
Sunseeker 56 Predator

Grant has a lot of patience and a high skill set that makes him an exceptional teacher.

Stephen Kuhn
Yachtmaster and Crew 96’ Ferretti

It is a distinct pleasure for me to write a recommendation letter for Captain Grant Ninneman. I have had an opportunity to meet and work with Grant during the purchase of my yacht from Denison yachting. He was able to teach me and my wife the specific features of this yacht and how to maintain it. He also helped me to move it from Denison yards to my dock at Aventura.

It was immediately clear that Grant was very competent and skillful in seamanship. He had the full understanding of how the boat works and how to maintain it. He was also a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. We really enjoyed learning from him as he was so eager to share his love of seamanship and knowledge with passion. It is clear to us that Grant is not only very knowledgeable but also a very skillful teacher. This is rather unique because over the years I have met a lot of skillful and knowledgeable captains who had difficulty in expressing what they know.

There is no doubt that Mr. Bob Denison has very competent staff working in his team. Having a person who not only knows and loves certain skills but who can easily teach these skills to students of different levels is rather hard to find. Grant has this ability, as my wife and I had different levels of knowledge, but we both learnt from him.

I think having a seamanship school within Denison is a wonderful idea. The boat shows have national experts who are willing to give several lectures during those particular times but there are very few schools that one can attend and learn these important skills on a structural basis. These schools are really geared towards professionals. Ironically boating is a big time industry and amateurs make up the majority of boat users.

So I think that Mr. Bob Denison is very well situated to open such a service with Grant being an excellent teacher to lead his vision and effort. It will certainly put his company even more ahead of others then they presently are. It will be a unique marketing advantage as well as a very valuable service to all the boaters in the region. I wholeheartedly endorse his effort and Grant as a prime candidate for this position.

Barry Bilir
2017 Motor Yacht Owner

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