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5 Things to think about before you buy a boat

Living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is an easy way to get into boating. South Florida is not called “Venice of America” for nothing. There are tons of beautiful waterways that can take you everywhere from Downtown on the New River to look for restaurants and night life to residential and secluded areas to anchor off.…

Shipping a yacht from Atlantic to Pacific

When you buy a yacht it isn’t always in the same city or state you’re may not even be in the same country. In this case the owner was in Hollywood, California and found his 60ft Monte Carlo in Florida. So how do you get your boat to the Pacific ocean when you’re in…

Learning to drive a Super Yacht

So its a little presumptuous to call a 50 footer a super yacht but if its over a million dollars and goes like a rocket, then I’ll just take that liberty. Somebody who makes a purchase like this may not hire a full time captain, especially if they don’t get to use the boat that…