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Big Boat Confidence Learning Charter

Thanks for your interest in this course.

I created this course primarily because of the enjoyment I have in seeing people gain confidence in operating a yacht. Along with the course Discover Yachting 365 also offers Standard Proficiency Certificates for Insurance Providers.

Secondly, it is because I firmly believe that if you plan to begin yachting, and especially if you plan to purchase a yacht, then a little experience with the basics is going to be vital in helping you to make an informed decision.

Big Boat Confidence
Big Boat Confidence

My journey as a yacht captain began in the late 90s after I completed a local Yachtmaster training course in Fort Lauderdale.

Classes like these, or advanced ship handling courses, are likely to cost up to $5,000 and not be on a real motor yacht. Training with many other students in a session on a 35 foot boat is not conducive to gaining much real time experience, nor is it a relaxed environment.

We have access to various types of legitimate motor yachts depending on what you would like to learn on, whether Flying Bridge, Express Cruiser, Joystick and/or Direct drive.

Our selection begins at 40ft and currently runs up to 70ft in length.

These sessions are designed to be one-on-one to provide maximum instruction in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Charter Rates:

  • $1900 per Training Day on a GT40 Express with IPS joystick (Charter and Training included)
  • $2700 per Training Day on a 56' Sunseeker Predator with Direct Drives (Charter and Training included)
  • $3300 per Training Day on a Monte Carlo 60 Motoryacht with Flying Bridge and Joystick (Charter and Training included)
  • Enquire about larger vessels
  • 2 Students max
  • Insurance Certificate provided with proficiency

Your Vessel:

  • $60/hr plus travel time (2 students max)
  • Insurance Certificate provided with proficiency

Free Workshop:

We also offer a Complimentary Workshop on a 50ft motor yacht with no strings attached. It will include a tour of a beautiful 50ft yacht and a walk through of some basics, including how to dock a boat and tie some lines, concluding with a time for some questions.

I would like to schedule a free workshop

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